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Unique chance to participate in the new blockchain-backed project CP BANQ Asset!

Gain premiums from global fees!

Monday, 10 October 2022, 11:10 AM

Webinar on CP BANQ Asset

Participate in the new innovative Blockchain project, designed and accessible to users globally. Receive premiums from the global fees of the CP Crypto Card and Multi-Fiat Currency Wallets. Buy-in period open until 30.06.2023.

Only a limited number of CP BANQ Asset available!

First come, first served. Once limit of available CP BANQ Asset for purchase has been reached, no new CP BANQ Asset will be issued.

Receive Premiums from your CP BANQ Asset

Year Premium CP BANQ Users CP BANQ Fees 50% Distributed
Year 1
$12 million
$6 million
Year 2
$60 million
$30 million
Year 3
$120 million
$60 million
Year 4
$420 million
$210 million
Year 5
$1 billion +
$500 million

*all calculations and numerical data mentioned are calculated on basis scenarios for marketing purposes and are not to be perceived as final.


On average a CP BANQ user generates $10 fees on their swaps, spending and withdrawals monthly. Our goal is to reach 9 million users in year 5! This means over $1 billion fees are generated via CP BANQ of which 50% around $500 million, is distributed amongst you, the asset holders, in CPC! In the average example (not guaranteed), CP BANQ Asset Holders will gain premiums of 13% in the first year on their asset and up to 1100% in Year 5.

What is CP BANQ?


CP BANQ is the innovative fintech platform of CryptoPerformance Group.
The platform offers worldwide CP BANQ accounts including IBANs, and the option to swap Fiat into crypto, crypto into Fiat and crypto to crypto. The fantastic benefit of CP BANQ account is the ability for anyone to exchange their BTC to EUR. USD or GBP. Another great feature is the CP BANQ Crypto card, with ATM withdrawal and deposit options. CP BANQ also supports its own App. These combined services offer endless possibilities, whose fees in turn benefit the community.

Safety : CryptoPerformance operates under the rules of financial, operational and legal safety, as well as AML and KYC regulations. All transactions are processed via encrypted HTTPS connections with the use of safe TLS protocols and encryption algorithms.